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[Photos] A Visual Tour of Late 1960s Saigon by Brian Wickham

It seems that every day, we get to uncover yet another old photo collection of Saigon from the 1960s.

This one in particular, taken by photographer Brian Wickham, is among the best of the bunch, due to its creator’s keen eye for composition and street life. Wickham took trips to Saigon in 1968 and 1969, producing more than 100 shots of various places in town, both famous and mundane.

In Wickham’s shots, Saigon appears as a city that we all know well: ladies in their Sunday best browsing magazines at a street kiosk, throngs of children bouncing on the pavement and local thoroughfares chock-full of bikes. While the sense of style and aesthetics might be retro, judging by the omnipresence of hand-painted ads and shop fronts, the spirit of the city has remained unbridled by hardships and political turmoil.

Step into the hectic traffic of Saigon in the late 60s through the photos below:

[Photos via Flickr user manhhai]

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