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These Intimate Rainy Season Moments Are Why We Love Saigon's Summer Rain

Saigon’s pluviophiles, unite!

Many Saigoneers have a love-hate relationship with the city’s rainy season. On one hand, a short, pleasant summer shower is always a timely remedy against the scorching heat of the season. It’s also incredibly soothing and romantic if you’re indoors away from the pitter-patter of wetness and cold. On the other hand, with the rain comes flooding, waterlogged streets and throngs of paralyzed traffic that clogs up Saigon’s entire road network.

No matter how you feel about Saigon’s wet season, the beast is already here and will stay for at least a few more months. For a group of young artists in Saigon, the rain is something to cherish, as evidenced in this new collection of motion graphics spearheaded by creative director Maxk Nguyen and art director Thai Thanh Do.

The series, named Saigon Co Mua (Saigon has rain), features works from a team of illustrators, including Kawako Giang Nguyen, Nguyen Thanh Vu, Thinh Le and Hanh Huynh. To turn the static images into lively motion arts, the team relied on the expertise of 3D artist Adrien Dezalay and motion artists Nguoi Da, Vu Hai Long and Nguyen Thanh Chien.

You might recognize Maxk Nguyen’s name from his previous projects Sai Gon 3 Met Vuong and Sai Gon Sau Vai. The former reimagines quirky corners of the city into isometric blocks while the latter captures the common street personalities of Saigon from a motorcyclist’s perspective.

For Saigon Co Mua, the team went all out and kicked it up a notch with animated motion graphics and even ambient rain sounds. Rain is not a phenomenon unique to Saigon, but you can’t experience these moments elsewhere: a xích lô driver in his plastic raincoat; a street cart selling fish cake bánh mì huddled under her umbrella; and, a family of four careening down the street all snuggly under their oversized raincoat.

Have a look below and let us know what’s your favorite Saigon rainy moment:

Every Saigoneer must have forgotten their trusty raincoat at home at least once in their lives.

Is there anything more enjoyable than a hot bánh mì in cold weather?

These children are enjoying this too much.

It's a miracle that families of four or five are able to all fit under a raincoat.

"Sorry for this convenience."

A rainy afternoon on Bui Vien.

Some Saigoneers enjoy the wet season more than others.

Apartment dwellers also enjoy the mood swings of Saigon weather.

A convenience stand sells single-use raincoats, herbal and chamomile tea.

Grab's service is always welcome in severe weathers.

Being inside is the best way to enjoy the rainy season.

[Illustrations via Saigon Co Mua’s Behance page / Videos via Facebook user Maxk Nguyen]

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