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Saigon Seeks to Release Motorbike Emission Standards by 2018 to Reduce Exhaust

In an effort to curtail the city’s air pollution, Saigon officials are coming up with a set of emission standards to limit motorbike exhaust.

Tuoi Tre reports that the proposal was submitted by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport recently, detailing the implementation of emission standards for bikes with 175 cubic centimeters and more in engine capacity,

According to the plan, from 2018 to 2020, owners of these vehicles will have their bike tested based on the new exhaust limit. Motorcycles that fail the test will not be allowed on Saigon streets. However, the news source didn’t specify how much exhaust will be deemed too much.

If all goes well, it could end up being the standards for bikes of all capacities, the proposal said.

Head of the Vietnam Register Tran Ky Hinh told the newspaper that his agency has been briefed on the proposed test and will proceed accordingly should the plan receive the nod from the central government.

“Hanoi has also submitted a similar proposal. The scheme is an important way of addressing the community’s concerns over the quality of the environment we live in,” Hinh said.

He also added that the ultimate aim of the new set of regulations is to encourage bike owners to carry out maintenance more frequently.

The proposal has already faced criticisms from experts who lauded the city’s intention but were doubtful about its practicality. Some noted that the massive amount of personal vehicles will make the emission test yet another bureaucratic bottleneck.

However, Vietnam’s air quality is getting progressively worse throughout the years: the current atmosphere shortens national lifespan by 1.16 years according to a recent study. Therefore, city leaders are scrambling to find solutions to local air pollution.

[Photo via Tuoi Tre]

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