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The World’s Oldest Woman Lives In Saigon

The Vietnam Records Organization (VRO) is planning to ask the Guinness Book of World Records to recognize 121-year-old Saigon resident Nguyen Thi Tru as the world’s oldest living person, reports DTI News.

Tru, who has 11 children (only 4 of which are still living), was recognized as the country’s oldest person by the VRO in 2011.

Guinness currently lists 116-year-old Misao Okawa from Japan as the oldest living woman in the world.

Tru said that a good diet, staying optimistic and helping other people to feel relaxed and happy are her secrets to living a long life.

Even if Guinness recognizes Tru, she is still far from the most senior person on the globe - that crown belongs to 123-year-old Bolivian, Carmelo Flores Laura.

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