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[Video] Brazen HCMC Dog Thieves Strike In Broad Daylight

So, in today’s WTF section, here’s a video from Binh Tan District of a guy shooting and stealing a dog in broad daylight. This problem seems to be all too common these days, and with Vietnam consuming over 5 million dogs per year, the dog meat market is quite lucrative.

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Since the threshold for criminal charges is VND2 million and dogs are worth only VND100,000 to VND200,000, victims of these thefts are often taking justice into their own hands. In both 2012 and 2013, thieves were beaten to death, and in 2014, 3 people were killed by dog thieves in HCMC.

It looks like even the threat of death by the beating isn’t enough to deter these thieves.  

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