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7,000 Sanitation Workers to Keep Saigon Streets Clean During Tet

Saigon will require as many as 7,000 sanitation workers to keep its streets and major markets clean during the upcoming Tet holiday.

City officials expect to see 14,000-15,000 metric tons of garbage during the holiday, reports Tuoi Tre.

Meanwhile, the Ho Chi Minh City Urban Environment Company, tasked with handling the city’s sanitation, is currently working with local public service organizations in order to recruit more workers, company director Huynh Minh Nhut told the news outlet.

During the holiday period, Saigon is expected to need more than 7,000 workers as well as 2,000 pieces of specialized equipment in order to keep the city clean. Nhut has also requested permission for the city’s garbage trucks to operate around the clock in order to transport garbage to appropriate locations in a timely manner, according to Tuoi Tre.

Fear not, however: most of Saigon’s sanitation workers will still get a break for the holiday. Only 30% of HCMC Urban Environment Company employees will sweep the streets on January 28 and 29, the first two days of the lunar new year. Local residents are also encouraged to keep their rubbish indoors on these days.

[Photo via Cong Giao Va Dan Toc]

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