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Netflix Asked to Provide Revenue Details Since 2016 for Tax Payments

Guess the tax department wasn't a fan of Emily in Paris.

VnExpressreports that the General Department of Taxation is seeking details on Netflix's revenue in Vietnam since it debuted in the country back in 2016. 

Under the Cybersecurity Law, which came into effect at the start of 2019, all foreign companies which produce income through digital services in Vietnam must store their data within the country's borders and report revenue figures to tax authorities.

"Netflix has been working with the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Taxation to set up a representative office and servers in Vietnam declare tax," Vũ Mạnh Cường, director of the tax department's inspection agency, told the news source.

Earlier this year, tax officials said that Netflix, which boasts roughly 300,000 Vietnamese subscribers at a cost of VND180,000–260,000 per month, has never paid taxes in Vietnam.

The government has also been trying to get Facebook and Google, their other digital bugbears, to pay taxes on the revenue they generate within Vietnam, to little avail. 

[Photo via Flickr user Matthew Keys]

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