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Check out Vietnam's Top 15 Most-Funded E-Commerce Startups

Just like mobile games, e-commerce is a booming industry in Vietnam.

Conservative estimates put last year's e-commerce revenues around US$500 million, while some more liberal analysts believe the figure is as high as US$1 billion, according to Tech in Asia. With the Vietnamese government expecting e-commerce spending to double annually in the coming years, these startups are already playing a huge role in Vietnam's burgeoning tech scene.

To create the infographic below, Tech in Asia sifted through piles of data and funding announcements to piece together just how much investment each of Vietnam's largest e-commerce startups has received. While most prefer to stay mum on the amount of money they've injected into their project, the number of investors in a given startup – as well as the names of those investors – says something about each venture's funding.

You'll find a few familiar names among the top 15, including restaurant review and food-finding app, transportation-booking website and, an online ticket vendor and event management platform. Other startups run the gamut from selling babycare items to logistics providers to financial services and beyond. 

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