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Viettel Is Now Offering Africa

If you're a Viettel user, we've got some good news: the military-run telecommunications provider is now offering 4G. The catch? It's in Burundi.

Courtesy of Lumitel, a subsidiary of Viettel Global, smartphone users in the east African nation now have access to its first-ever 4G network, reports African Brains.

While Viettel is still testing its 4G service at home, the company's domination in Burundi has been swift and successful. Just four months after its April 2015 launch, Lumitel hit one million subscribers, or 10% of Burundi's population. The telecom provider now has the largest infrastructure network in the country and is offering its 4G service to 3G customers at no additional cost.

For Vietnamese mobile users, it's easy to view this as unfair given the long wait for 4G at home. However providing the ultra-fast mobile service will prove trickier in Vietnam, according to African Brains, in part due to the country's high number of smartphone users. As such, Viettel and Vinaphone remain in the trial phases of the service.

Beyond Burundi, the international arm of Viettel gets around. The company has services in another eight different countries outside of Vietnam, including Cambodia, Cameroon, Haiti, Laos, Mozambique, Peru, Timor Leste and Tanzania.

[Photo via Lumitel]

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