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[Photos] A Dreamy Da Nang House to Nurture Future Generations in Nature

Named after Chi and Vi, the daughters of the owners of the house, Chivihouse is the brainchild of the architects at Hinz Studio, based in Saigon and Da Nang.

The architects were tasked with creating a space in which the daughters can both have access to nature and opportunities for creative play.

Thus, raw materials such as rough brick, concrete, steel, wood and stone were used, and many trees are placed inside and outside of the house to create cooler temperatures and relaxing scenery. The architects share that all the rooms take full advantage of natural light and fresh air, which lowers power consumption.

To make it easy for the children to run around and play, the functional spaces on the ground floor were designed so that they are all connected to each other.

Although the homeowners want the house to be their daughter's future home, children can be noisy. Hence, two brick walls were set up to be soundproof, leaving a quiet space for the homeowners. The wall also insulates from heat and adds a rustic personality to the house.

Take a closer look at the house below:

[Photos by Quang Tran via ArchDaily]

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