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[Video] Stunning Travelogue Showcases the Poetic Intimacy of Hanoi

For newcomers to the city, Hanoi seems like a complete sensory overload.

Across the landscapes of Vietnam, the dichotomy between rural and urban areas is obvious: the countryside is much less developed with fresh air, fewer people and a slower pace, while metropolitan areas are bustling with activity, noise, flashy visuals and even smells.

However, it only took two weeks in the Vietnamese capital for filmmaker Ryan Gasparini to unravel the mystery that is Hanoi, as shown through his stunning travelogue. Gasparini’s video is a montage of typical Hanoi scenes: middle-aged men playing chess on the street, flower vendors on their rickety bikes and artisans honing their craft at street corners.

But his video takes the aforementioned typical moments and strips them off the distracting ambient noises so viewers can enjoy these slices of life in their clearest essence, in between slick transitions.

Take a tour of Hanoi in the morning via Ryan Gasparini’s video below:

[Video via Vimeo user Ryan Gasparini]

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