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[Video] An Aerial Tour of Vietnam Through the Ultra-Definition of 4K

With the rise in popularity and drop in price of drones, gorgeous aerial footage is not hard to come by in recent months.

That said, if you’ve been following the local crowd of videography enthusiasts, you’d notice that not many have quite mastered the nuanced but important skill of how to seamlessly incorporate drone footages in their clips.

For filmmaker Thang Soi, however, this seems to be a non-issue; his videos are a sheer celebration of breathtaking drone recordings. He rose to fame within the community thanks to two gorgeous clips — here and here — depicting the beauty of Vietnam from above. Now, Thang Soi has come up with a new Vietnam travel video, this time with the ultra-definition of 4K.

The clip runs for six-odd minutes, taking viewers on a trip across the length of Vietnam from Mu Cang Chai to Da Nang to An Giang. It might be redundant to attempt to put in words the content of Thang’s video, especially when one can enjoy it with their own eyes below:

[Video via Vimeo user Thắng Sói]

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