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Ho Tay Narrowly Avoids Another Large-Scale Fish Die-off

This weekend, fish in Hanoi’s biggest lake began to die once again.

Luckily, the numbers were nowhere near those recorded after 2016’s shocking environmental disaster, when over 10 tons of dead fish floated to the surface.

According to Dan Tri, scores of tilapia and tench were found floating on the edges of Ho Tay (West Lake) last Saturday and Sunday.

West Lake locals claim the fish deaths slowly increased in number over the weekend, until the problem became impossible to ignore and an acrid stench came off the lake.

Officials are yet to offer any explanation for the fish deaths, but it’s likely the recent heat wave and a lack of oxygen affected the fish.

Environment workers collected the fish over the weekend.

By Monday morning, the issue had abated, when no dead fish were seen around the edge of the lake. The weekend’s rain will have helped to oxygenate the lake, which may have solved the issue. 

[Photos by Xuan Ngoc via Dan Tri]

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