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[Photos] Take a Quick Trip to Vung Tau in 1967

Due to its proximity to Saigon, Vung Tau is perhaps Saigoneers’ favorite location for a quick weekend trip to unwind. Based on this set of photos taken in 1967 by American veteran Tom Twitty, the sleepy coastal town hasn’t changed all that much through the years, though there are obviously more motorbikes today.


[Photos] 20 Photos of Vietnam's Spartan Rural Provinces in the 1960s

Less than a decade before 1975, Vietnam’s rural provinces were still sparsely developed despite Saigon’s rising position as one of Southeast Asia's major cities.


The Reunification Game: How a 1976 Football Match Brought North & South Together

In early 1976, shortly after the dust had started to settle in a now-unified Vietnam, Le Buu, general director of the country’s Sports Administration Department, was tasked with heading to Saigon to arrange a football match between one northern team and one southern team. It was intended to be an act of unification, of sports above politics.


[Photos] A Dreamlike Saigon in 1964 on Film

What makes Saigon’s 1964 self different from how it is today?


[Photos] A Walk Down Dong Khanh Boulevard in Old Saigon's Cho Lon

Ask anyone who has ever set foot in Saigon and they have undoubtedly heard of Cho Lon. Spanning the western half of District 5 and a few neighborhoods in Districts 6 and 11, the quarter has been one of the most significant hubs of trading and heritage in the city for more than two centuries.


[Photos] Life in 1973 Saigon - Part 3

On his trip to Saigon in 1973, famed American photographer Nick DeWolf spent a lot of time strolling local streets to capture on film numerous slices of life in the southern city just before the major events of 1975.


[Photos] Vinh Phuc's Tam Dao Hill Station in Its Glory Days

Nestled in a cradle of hills about 85 kilometers northwest of Hanoi is the Tam Dao Hill Station, a former colonial village whose lakes, waterfalls and villas made it known during its heyday as “The Da Lat of the North.”


[Photos] A Wistful Reel of Life in Vietnam in 1989

Vietnam is evolving fast. It seems like every day in local metropolises, centuries-old buildings are being demolished to make way for new skyscrapers. The photos below, taken by famed photographer David Alan Harvey in 1989, offer a glimpse into the country at the dawn of this period of change.


[Photos] The Quietude of Saigon in 1965

Thanks to decades of steady economic growth, Saigon is getting more and more crowded as people from all over the country and even overseas decide to settle down in the southern hub.


[Photos] Tet Trung Thu Celebrations in Old Hanoi

As this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, more than a few Saigoneers have shown a renewed interest in the holiday’s traditions.


[Photos] A Visit to Hanoi's 1,000-Year-Old Taoist Temple

Once known as Tran Vu Temple, Quan Thanh Temple is a Taoist temple situated near West Lake in Hanoi.


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