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Quán Ụt Ụt’s Play On Controversial VietJet Photo “Leak”

It looks like VietJet’s “unofficial” photos of lingerie-clad models that were leaked and went viral late last week have already inspired a parody from one of Saigon’s most popular restaurants.

BBQ joint, Quán Ụt Ụt, has posted a tongue-in-cheek set of photos of what appear to be their staff posing in mankinis in similar positions to those “leaked” by model Ngoc Trinh.

From the restaurant’s Facebook Page:

“Move over Ngoc Trinh. A group of mankini-clad models took to the runway posing in an apparent Quán Ụt Ụt publicity stunt. The restaurant, however, says the promo photos are not official.

The controversial photos were “leaked from a test shooting under a contract between Quán Ụt Ụt and modeling agency, Uranus, are not the official promotional photos of Quán Ụt Ụt” the Saigon-based BBQ restaurant said in a statement.

A crew of six male models from around the world including Japan, UK, Germany and Australia, took part in the shoot.”

While these photos may make one's eyes a bit sore (or maybe they turn you on, it’s cool, no judgment here), props to Quán Ụt Ụt for the “publicity stunt.”

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