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Vietnam Store Leaks iPhone 7 Details Ahead of New Release

Just two days before Apple officially reveals their final version of the new iPhone 7, a store in Vietnam has somehow managed to procure a sample of the top-secret phone.

The leaked phone is the 128-gigabyte version. At the time of writing, the existence of a 256-gigabyte version still hasn’t been confirmed, but according to Zing, the phone’s video recording app allows for quality up to 4K, equal to around 600 megabytes per minute. This boost in recording quality is likely to necessitate a similar increase in capacity to accommodate smooth filming.

Most of the design and functionality aspects of the leaked phone match previous rumors: the removal of the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack; revamped, thinner volume buttons; and antenna bands moved to the side.

Other main features of the phone have also seen major changes, from the home button to the attached camera. According to the news source, the traditional “Home” button has been eliminated and replaced by a 3D-touch non-clicking sensor similar to the Force Touch on the latest MacBook generations.

Camera-wise, the phone’s flash now has four LEDs, two in warm tones and two in cold tones. The diameter of the lens is also wider, while the SIM slot is now protected by a plastic cover to boost water resistance.

The leaked device utilizes a version of iOS 10 that appears to be almost exactly like the beta version. However, Siri still doesn't support Vietnamese, and legacy apps such as Notes and Camera are the same.

The anonymous store owner didn't allow Zing to photograph the leaked phone, saying that they will wait until Apple unveils the new product.

[Photo via VietnamVn]

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