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D1 Vice Chairman Doan Ngoc Hai Has Officially Rescinded His Resignation

Who would have thought?

In a recent letter to the city's committee, Doan Ngoc Hai states that he wants to rescind his resignation, Tuoi Tre reports. The information was confirmed by a District 1 official. 

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd be familiar with Doan Ngoc Hai's ruthless sidewalk cleaning campaign, which started in 2017. On 8 January, 2018, Hai submitted his resignation and eventually ended his string of sidewalk crusades. In the resignation letter, Hai stated that he decided to quit because he had failed to fulfill his responsibilities. Despite this, the vice chairman remains in office as the Ho Chi Minh City Committee hasn't announced their final decision yet, at least until recently.

Now, it looks like the man is having second thoughts. Regarding the resignation withdrawal, the vice chairman said in Vietnamese, "During these times [after submitting the resignation letter], I received a lot of support and assurance from official leaders as well as residents living in District 1 and other areas."

Hai explained that this support has made him reconsider the decision and decided to rescind the resignation, adding "I'm ready to work hard in difficult and dangerous situations, and willing to accept any task that will be given to me by the organization."

According to Tran Kim Yen, District 1's committee secretary, municipal authorities "has approved Hai's resignation and is processing necessary formalities before issuing an official announcement." She also added that the committee is looking into Hai's resignation withdrawal.

[Photo via Viet Times]

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