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Saigon Will Evacuate 250,000 People For Level 10+ Storms

Saigon officials have authorized an evacuation plan that calls for the evacuation of 250,000 residents ahead of violent storms.

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The plan applies to storms of levels 10 to 13 where winds reach speeds of up to 149kph, according to VnExpress.

While many districts are subject to the evacuation orders, Phu Nhuan District would be the one to evacuate the most people (about 29,000 souls). Can Gio, one of the city’s most geographically vulnerable areas, will evacuate about 8,000 people in case of 8 or 9 level storm, and up to 12,700 in the event of a level 13 storm.

In addition to the evacuation plan, city authorities approved other details including expanded search and rescue operations.

While Southern Vietnam doesn’t confront many destructive storms, when they have occurred, the damage is considerably high due to lack of response measures. 

2012 Hurricane Pakhar was the last major storm to hit the region, causing the collapse of 500 houses, over 400 uprooted trees and disruptions to the area’s electrical grid.

According to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the South should expect more significant storms in the future due to climate change.

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