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Sanctuary’s New Villas Are the Dream Second Home in Vietnam

Views from the waterfront at Sanctuary Villas.

As Saigon continues to develop at a rapid pace, traffic congestion and air pollution are becoming increasingly serious problems. The city’s booming economy means there is plenty of work to do, and plenty of money to be made, but it’s understandable if one feels the need to escape from time to time.


‘NAMO: Introducing the Flavors of Southern Italy to Saigon

'NAMO has quickly earned a stellar reputation for its authentic handmade Italian pastas that rely on fresh, imported ingredients. Under the guidance of their executive chef Ivan, the restaurant brings the flavors of southern Italy to Saigon.


The Reverie Saigon Takes 4th Spot In Condé Nast Rankings

WMC Group’s The Reverie Saigon sat near the top of the rankings in Condé Nast Traveler’s 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards that were announced in mid-October.


Inside the Storied Caravelle Hotel

The Caravelle holds a singular place in the cultural tapestry of Saigon. The luxury hotel was originally opened on Christmas Eve 1959 in the heart of the city, directly next door to the Opera House and a couple of blocks from the post office. It stands, not only as an architectural landmark, but as a reflection of the array of changes the city has undergone in the past half century.


Above It All at Liquid Sky Bar: An Ideal Venue for Corporate and Personal Events

In a city with a plethora of indoor event spaces, Liquid Sky Bar sits literally above the rest. Located at the top floor of the Renaissance Riverside Hotel, this venue offers an ideal space for corporate and large private events.


Bosgaurus Awakens Vietnam’s Coffee Culture with Arabica Beans

Bosgaurus is the scientific name of a rare, revered wild gaur indigenous to Vietnam in need of protection and advocacy.


SOHY: A Stylish Escape Above the City

Lounge in Comfort and Style Above the Skyline at SOHY 

Twenty five floors above the city’s clamorous traffic and stressful commotion, a stylish escape awaits. Offering one of Saigon’s best sights, a sophisticated atmosphere and a dynamic menu, SOHY is perfect for laughing with friends, talking with colleagues, reveling in a romantic evening with your partner or dancing the night away. 


OnTop Bar Tempts Guests with Relaxed Ambiance, Creative Drinks and Stunning Views

Over the last few years rooftop bars have spread across high-rises and skyscrapers throughout downtown Saigon. While those located in the middle of town seem to get the most attention, there are several great options just outside the packed city center.


Guru Brings the Thrill of Sport to the Joy of Beer

Beer is a sweet, refreshing gift we can all agree on.


Villa Song Serves Great Breakfasts in a Perfect Setting

If you’re able to wake up for them, early mornings in Saigon are a delight. Traffic is minimal, tempers are calm and the sun’s rays are gentle. There are few better places in town to enjoy such mornings than at Villa Song’s elegant riverside location in Thao Dien.


Ginkgo Brings Culture-driven, Made-in-Vietnam Designs to Shoppers

Over the past 10 years, Ginkgo has used locally produced and designed clothing to share Vietnam’s culture with the world. The lifestyle company prides itself on representing the country and its people, especially through its brand signatures.


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