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[Photos] The Pastoral Charm of Bac Ninh in the 1920s

Despite being one of Vietnam’s tiniest provinces, Bac Ninh was home to the earliest trace of ancient Vietnamese tribes.


Vietnam Says No to Chinese, European Lion Statues Nationwide

Local officials continue efforts to replace foreign depictions of lions with Vietnamese ones in front of temples, pagodas, parks and private buildings around the country.


[Photos] A Montage of Saigon's Street Life from 1964-1968

Even today, some parts of Saigon’s road system still leave much to be desired. However, judging by this set of old photos from 1964-1968, at that time most of the metropolis’ thoroughfares didn’t even have asphalt reinforcement.


[Photos] The Hottest Beauty Trend in 1920s Vietnam Was Ridiculously Long Nails

In 2018 Vietnam, excessively long nails are usually considered a sign of evilness, thanks to the influence of foreign horror flicks. However, not many know that decades ago, this body feature was widely deemed a status symbol.


[Photos] 36 Photos of Life in Vietnam in 1956

There are many things to love about life in Vietnam in past decades, but over the years, Saigoneers nowadays might have gotten used to a certain standard of living, making it hard to picture a time when cell phones weren‘t a thing and bubble tea parlors didn’t line local thoroughfares.


[Photos] Inside Saigon's Gritty 'Vertical Villages'

Is "out with the old, in with the new" the new motto when it comes to Saigon's real estate scene?


Memories of 1997 Vietnam Through the Lens of Saigon's Canadian Consul General

Digging into one’s collection of old mementos can be a thrilling experience. From antique watches to tattered letters, these trinkets serve as a remembrance of a period of time in our past. For Kyle Nunas, Saigon’s incumbent Consul General of Canada, his connection with the bustling metropolis began with this collection of old photos captured during a trip to Vietnam exactly 20 years ago.


[Photos] The Iconic La Dalat, Vietnam’s First Domestic Vehicle

Though production only lasted five years, the La Dalat has earned a place in Saigon history as Vietnam’s first locally manufactured commercial car.


[Photos] Saigon of the Late 1960s Through an American's Lens

Saigon is changing so fast these days it can be difficult to recall what the city looked like in 2008, let alone 1968.


[Photos] A Black-and-White Look Into Saigon and Hanoi in 1890

Vietnam’s swift pace of development might render a neighborhood unrecognizable in the span of just a few months. Thus, imagine how much change could occur in local metropolises over the duration of more than a century.


[Photos] Take a Quick Trip to Vung Tau in 1967

Due to its proximity to Saigon, Vung Tau is perhaps Saigoneers’ favorite location for a quick weekend trip to unwind. Based on this set of photos taken in 1967 by American veteran Tom Twitty, the sleepy coastal town hasn’t changed all that much through the years, though there are obviously more motorbikes today.


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