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Saigon Postcard No. 19: Learning to Swim

Folk wisdom offers a unique way to achieve aquatic efficiency. 

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With Debut Album 'Họa Âm Xưa,' Saigon Soul Revival Brings Back Old-School Cool

From covers of old songs from the 1960s and 70s, Saigon Soul Revival now presents their own original music in an exciting debut album, a continuation both in spirit and execution of the silvery vein of nostalgia dominating Vietnamese music in recent years.

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6 Vietnamese TV Classics That Should Be on Netflix Instead of 'Hậu Duệ Mặt Trời'

Gone were the days of timing one’s bathroom dash exactly during commercial breaks and gathering around a neighbor’s old television set, the only one in the entire alley, to relish every minute of a hot soap opera.

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In 'Ba Lan,' a Photographer Maps the Diverse Identities of Poland's Vietnamese Diaspora

Poland is a largely mono-ethnic country with a negative immigration rate and has one of the lowest rates of foreigners in the European Union. Even migration specialists are often shocked to hear about the substantial community of Vietnamese people who reside in Poland.

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District 105 Leads Saigon's Metal Scene Into a Bright, Loud Future

"You don't listen to music like this usually, right?" Huynh Hoang Huy asks before he and his bandmates rip into another hard-driving song from their catalogue.

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Review: In Ngọt’s Newest Album, Urban Loneliness Lingers on Mellow Strings

Ngot’s latest album brilliantly captures the band’s most appealing quality: the ability to walk the fine line between playful brightness and bitter profundity.

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[Photos] In An Giang, Buddhist Devotees Gather to Observe Uposatha Day

In September, Buddhists in An Giang Province gathered at Tuk Phos Pagoda in Tri Ton District to observe Uposatha day together.

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Despite Drama at Home, Vietnamese Film 'Rom' Wins Important Award at Busan Film Fest

Despite legal issues at home, Vietnamese feature film Rom was awarded the top prize in the New Currents category at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) last week.

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Review: When Indie Music Meets Indie Cinema on a Grab in Saigon

In today’s aggressive stream of Marvel blockbusters, doll- and shark-themed horror flicks, and gratuitous comedies, Troi Sang Roi, Ta Ngu Di Thoi (Good Morning and Good Night) is like a stubborn wild ...

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Saigoneer Podcast: Victim-Blaming in 2019; the Rising Indie Music Scene

The latest Saigoneer Podcast is available now!

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Through Vietnam's Stories of Coffee and Rice, a Trio Finds Where Art and History Meet

Without notice, a gust of July rain swept through the museum of animals and plants' foyer, knocking down several paintings, strewing paper coffee cups and shattering the monitor that had been pla...

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[Video] Le Cat Trong Ly's New Music Video, a Career First, Is a Love Letter to Africa

For an artist of Le Cat Trong Ly’s caliber, it’s remarkable that the recently premiered music video for ‘Tám Chữ Có’ (There Were) is the first-ever of her career. But then again, Ly is more special th...

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Tran Huu Trang Theater Stages Free Shows to Draw Audience to Cải Lương

Like many traditional forms of theatrical arts in Vietnam, cải lương faces dwindling viewership in today’s society, a problem that theater owners are trying to rectify by offering free shows.

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[Photos] The Vietnamese Origami Master Turning Paper Into Lively Artwork

For the average Joe, a paper crane is perhaps the most advanced foray they could undertake into the intricate art of origami. Artist Nguyen Hung Cuong, however, has managed to transcend the limits of ...

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Saigoneer Podcast: Convenience Stores Take Over Saigon; Social Media Literacy

The latest Saigoneer Podcast episode is available now!

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[Video] Saigon's Silly Little Moments as Seen Through a Tilt-Shift Video Feature

Tilt-shift videos probably aren't new to most readers, but this particular entry in the genre is noteworthy for its playful sound effects and the comical moments it captures.

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Saigoneer Podcast: Mooncakes and 'Rubber and the Making of Vietnam' Author Michitake Aso

The podcast is back after a two-week break!

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A Brief Primer of Asia's Mid-Autumn Mythology in 3 Folk Tales

There’s something for everyone during Tet Trung Thu season, as the arrival of mid-autumn comes with a wide variety of customs and traditional fare.

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[Video] Louis Vuitton Seeks Vietnam's Help to Sell Bags in New Campaign

Each year, Louis Vuitton’s "Spirit of Travel" advertising campaign picks a new location for its crew to travel to and film.

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Nguyen Van Thong, Who Captured Thich Quang Duc’s Self-Immolation, Dies at 94

Although American photojournalist Malcolm Browne is famous for his photos capturing the historical moment in 1963, Browne wasn’t the only one at the scene with a camera.

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Street Photographer Group to Host Saigon Photo Exhibition

The first edition of the Saigon Photo Walk (SPW) exhibition features eight photographers, showing eight different points of view and eight ways of looking at the same city.

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The Harrowing History of Vietnam's Rubber Plantations

"Oh it’s easy to go to the rubber and hard to return, / Men leave their corpses, women depart as ghosts."

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[Illustrations] Masashi Shimakawa Draws Snippets of Everyday Japanese Life In Colorful Complexion

Each artwork acts as a point through which viewers are transported to a different dimension of reality.

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The Wholesome Encounter Between Kacey Musgraves and a Vietnamese-Run Vintage Photo Lab

A small mom-and-pop operation in Los Angeles got a massive publicity boost thanks to a happenstance visit from country music superstar Kacey Musgraves.

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Vietnam's First-Ever Series on Netflix Is a South Korean Remake

The Korean-made original series released in 2016 was a hit in South Korea and many other countries, including Vietnam.

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VietJet to Start Flying From Da Nang to Taipei in December

The low-cost carrier is currently operating eight routes connecting Saigon, Hanoi and Da Nang to four Taiwanese cities including Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung.

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[Photos] Tinker Tailor Painter Bike: The Quiet Life of Saigon's Older Residents

What do the men of Saigon do all day?

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A 'Lao Hac' Adaptation Will Be Vietnam's First Film Starring a Dog

Film adaptations of literary works have been among the most well-received cinematic features in Vietnam in recent years, so it’s natural that ‘Lao Hac’ is coming to the big screen soon.

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